Immigration Services

The following are some of the applications and petitions that Royal Services Plus helps you complete quickly and accurately, cited as examples but not limited to:

•    Petition for a fiancé / fiancée or spouse

•    Petition for a parent, child or sibling

•    Green Card : New, renewal, lost or data correction

•    Green Card : Removal of the Conditions

•    Adjustment Of Status

•    Application for Naturalization

•    Application for Citizenship

•    Replacement or correction of a Certificate of Citizenship

•    Travel Document (Reentry Permit)

•    Affidavit of Support

•    Extension of Stay

•    Asylum

•    Employment Authorization

•    NVC Requirements

•    Visitor / Business Visa

•    Student Visa

•    Diversity Visa (Lottery Visa)

Royal Services Plus is not a government agency. We (Royal Services Plus) are not affiliated with or endorsed by any government agency. We are neither a law firm nor a substitute for the advice of an attorney. We provide self-help services at a user's direction only and provide basic preparation. We do not answer legal questions or give legal advice; we do not provide opinions or recommendations about any individual's specific legal rights, remedies, defenses, options or strategies. We do not recommend or select forms, nor do we recommend or provide answers to specific questions on forms. We help you complete your application quickly and accurately and generate all the forms you need for your application - ready to submit to the USCIS by you. The forms that we provide are available for free from the USCIS as blank forms with written instructions. Communications between Royal Services Plus and you are not protected by any privilege.