All our translations are guaranteed quality and acceptance by official agencies including but not limited to immigration, embassies, schools and universities.

Featured Services

  • MARRIAGE Applications and Ceremony
  • Leases
  • Name Change
  • School and University Transcript Evaluation
  • FAFSA Applications
  • DTE Low Income Self-Sufficiency Plan (LSP)
  • Social Security Applications and Interview
  • General Document filing
  • Fax / Copies in Color and B&W / Emailing
  • And much more...

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Notarial  Services

State registered Public Notaries available in our office for all your Notary needs.
After hours by appointment.

Citizenship & Immigration

Need to apply for citizenship? You have a family member overseas that you need to bring to the States? Or maybe you're helping someone get a visitor's visa? You've come to the right place!

Passport Photos

Our U.S. passport photos are guaranteed acceptance with immigration and passport agencies.

Non-US sizes available to accommodate other countries and embassies.

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We are a well-established company with a reputation for transparency and hard work. Our personnel is devoted to your miscellaneous needs.

We at Royal Services Plus render prompt and high quality services.

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